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How to Spot a Forex Scam – FXkingVIP Forex Scam

NY, USA, 14th April 2021, ZEXPRWIREForex Trading became so popular in the last 5 years and during a pandemic, it became more popular as users finding an easy way to generate income by staying at home.

With Increasing popularity this industry also attracting scammers who think this is an easy tool to scam and make money.

We have investigated several of these scams wide available on the Internet and these scammers nowadays using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram even their websites to attract their victims.

This article is for educational purposes so we can make every new forex trader aware of those scams, Here We are sharing one of such scammer who is using all kinds of social media to attract his victims.

How to Identify scammer? 

– A scammer will never have their original Identity, Address, or Phone Number, they mostly use Virtual Phone Numbers to target their victims.

In the search of scammers in forex, we have come across one such scammer its just for information purposes as many scammers are using the same techniques.

The scammer involved in this using his pseudo Identity as “fxkingvip” we have searched for this scammer and came across a review page of his website on Trust Pilot Here

With a 2.1 star review, these people have left comments about his scams.

Also, this scammer mentioned a web that is nonworking after scamming people he has closed this website ( 

Surprisingly this scammer running a Facebook page with fake 5star and also using telegram channels. 

Here to View

The above Page is a scam page created by this scammer 

The scammer using UK fake Virtual Number +447772133607.

Also, the scammer wrote on his web as he is a Graduate from the Academy of Financial trading upon investigating this turned out false information.

We had investigated Further and tried to find out the scammer’s identity and we had found out the Scammer is a waiter in a Hotel in Bavaria, Germany. And original name Prabhakar Thapa. He uses pseudoname Sunray Thapa, upon Further Investigation found out the same guy involved in some sex rackets too with his wife.

We had tried to do further Social engineering and have found the scammer have no personal Info online no social presence with real identity.

At last, we want to make aware all new forex traders about such scams and scammers. Always try to find out the real person behind the profile by Video conferencing and other available mediums, ask for their real social presence, and verify their certifications and claims before jumping into trading.

Media Contact

Company Name: FX Leaders LLC

Contact Person: Laila Sachedina

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 812-727-7947

Country: United Kingdom

Website: Click Here

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