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Welcome to the Revolution of NFTs and Art Blockchain Fashion

  • Why The Troller is The Most Innovative  NFT Project & Why You should get involved ?

Dubai , UAE, 29 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The Troller offers the most complete ecosystem combining Artists/ NFTs/ Competition/ Music/ Fun/ Sponsors/ Nft Collectors/ Blockchain Ecommerce & Rewards for all.     

Now! Let’s discover what The Troller has in plans!

1- The First NFT Entertainment Marketplace !

The Troller is the first Competition NFT Marketplace Tournament style bringing Talented NFT Artists to compete in order to create the best NFTs for our Guests.

It is the chance given to all talented artists to show case their skills with enormous exposure to the NFT Community, in order to help them grow popularity & fans base.

To make things even more exciting THE Troller Platform will host a yearly event, combining all Artists that have won at least one competition, in order to compete for the biggest NFT event and Award the BEST NFT Artists of The Year.

Let’s Check The Troller COMPETITION Process  where TOP NFTs goes Head To Head ! 

Step by step

1 Announcing the Guest or the Brand for the competition

2 Receiving  NFT Applications   (all NFT Applications will be via lazy minting For All Preselection’s and only the Top Voted NFTs will Go Live on The Troller Competition

3 First Round >  Top 100       

4 Second Round > top 50   

5 Semifinal >  Top 25            

6 Final Top 10  Announce Top 3 Winners 

7 The Troller Museum opening

8 Troller NFT Holders early access

(if you have this NFT you will get 24hrs early access to bid & buy NFTs after the final competition results are out)

9 Opening MERCH Marketplace

All NFT Artists !! Come on…..

Join The Troller First Competition for a Chance to win The 1 Bitcoin Prize and with other more rewards .

The Troller judges are The NFT Community!! 

2-The First Bridge Between Big Brands & NFT Artists/Community

Recently, all Big Brands are trying to get exposure to NFTs.  We have seen Coca Cola doing an NFT, Visa Card Buying an NFT & Louis Vuitton announced an NFT game.

So, instead of making Brands an NFT with a single Artist, we can organize a full month event with All our registered Artists competing through multiple selections rounds voted by the NFT Community.  This to create the best top 3 NFT Arts for that particular Brand.

This process will give companies the best marketing material to promote their Brand names, engage their customers or users via our voting rounds and of course get the best exposure to NFTs & the NFT Community.

We welcome All Brands willing to sponsor an exclusive Event with The Troller Competitionive companies the best Marketing material to promote their Brand get the best exposure to NFTs and get the best Art possible via our competition.

3-Forget Play & Earn with The Troller Just Vote & Earn

Troller coin holders will have the easiest task to do in order to generate passive income.

Simply vote on your favorite NFTs  throughout the competition stages from Preselections to the Final.  You will get rewards from All NFTs sold in Our Museum in addition to rewards from all Blockchain Merch sales .

4-Unique Auction Museum 

The Troller Museum will be a unique Marketplace where all our NFT will be displayed once the competition process is completed.  We will also have all rankings and top 3 winners there.  It will be in a 3D ENVIRONMENT scene full of creativity. We will have separate Museum Rooms for each competition NFTs, where the top 100 Arts that qualified for the competition will be for sale in auction style for All NFTs.

5-Revolutionary Ecommerce platform @ THE TROLLER!

The Revolutionary Ecommerce platform @ THE TROLLER will be converting NFT Artists into Famous Brands.

How is that possible ?

The Troller will be combining ART/BLOCKCHAIN/FASHION. Using Lukso Technology.

The Top 100 NFTs of each competition will be available on the Troller Merch  platform as soon the NFT auction is closed.  The same NFTs will be printed on T-Shirts with RFID chip (radio frequency identification ) that can be  verified  through the Blockchain!

Yes you will be buying a T-shirt designed & signed by an NFT Artist with a Digital Identity to check the authenticity of the product.

These blockchain Tshirts’ value will be determined by the original NFT sale.

So if you miss the NFT, you can still get it in the Troller Merch center.

6-Unique Tokenomics  With Super Turbo Burn !

The Troller will be providing Triple ways passive income for Artists & Community.

1-  Passive income for community

  • 2%  Autostaking Rewards 
  • 20% of All NFT sales 
  • 10% of all Merch Sales 

2- Passive income for Artists 

  • 2%  Autostaking Rewards 
  • 5% lifetime Commissions on NFTs sold in our Museum 
  • 20% lifetime Commissions on Art Blockchain Merch

Super deflationary Token model with 4 Burning mechanisms:

  1. 2% of each transaction gets burned
  2. 100% of Competition application fees gets burned
  3. 5% from NFTs sales will be used to buy back & burn
  4. 10% of Merch Items sales will be used to buy back & burn

 The Troller is designed  to be distributing Rewards and Burning coins with every Troller Competition


7-NFT Cross-chain

The Troller will be offering multichain support for the biggest blockchains via our joined partnership with DNFT.WORLD which is the best Bridge of NFT cross-chain Assets. So when you buy an NFT from the Troller Museum, you will have the ability to transfer it to multiple supported Wallets for different blockchains. The support will start with the Binance Chain followed by Polkadot then Cardano & finally Etherum when 2.0 is out.

8-The Troller Explosive Marketing Campaign

The Troller is preparing the Biggest Marketing Campaign ever done.  We have already on boarded top 20 Influencers via The Troller Ambassadors Program reaching to millions of people around the Globe

In addition, The Troller  will be present in all Major Blockchain/Crypto/NFTS Events worldwide

Here is a glimpse of the 2021 event calendar:

1-Dubai Defi Investment Summit (11/12 October)

2-The Biggest Blockchain Event of The Year with more than 10,000 attendees .  Dubai Crypto Expo (13/14October)  with 2 Awards Nominations

3-  The Biggest NFT Event of the year, NEW YORK NFT Awards Event (01/04 November).  By the way, The Troller has 5 Awards Nominations in this Event

5- Finally The Biggest European Blockchain event Hamburg Blockchance Europe (02/04 December )

 For more information, please check out this Masterpiece Website –

What are you waiting for?  Join the trollers Community today 



Twitter: @TheTrollercoin  


Media Contact

Company Name :- The Troller Art

Email Id :- [email protected]

Company Website :-

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