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ElonSpace Presents a Unique Approach to Cryptocurrency, Hopes to Create Renewable Energy Someday

London, 25 May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, ElonSpace, a crypto mining company, marks its place in the crypto industry with its unique methods of crypto farming. The company has their very own crypto coin – the Interplanetary Coin, which is a community-driven token and the first of its kind in the crypto ecosystem that generates passive income by sharing proceeds from transaction fees and green mining services with holders.

ElonSpace recognizes that cryptocurrency is the future, but it is currently connected with excessive use of energy. For the company, generating green and sustainable energy is the biggest challenge humanity is facing. Hence its built-in currency conversions simplify the user’s payment process across the world.

The launch of ElonSpace Interplanetary Coin ES3

On May 3rd, the Interplanetary Coin ES3 was launched into crypto space. The coin aims to address and bring a solution to one of the main problems of the cryptocurrency ecosystem: the excessive use of energy.

The simple solution is to look towards other planets and literally harvest energy from space.The project is committed to develop green crypto mining concepts and invest in the advancement of blockchain technology to make it more affordable for the planet.

With the launch of private space programs, we’re closer to the stars than ever before. Colonizing other planets is just a matter of time. ElonSpace is headed to the stars, and no blackhole can stop us”, says a spokesperson for ElonSpace.

ElonSpace Hydro-Solar Mining Farms is the first concept invented by the company and is in the process of development. They plan to present this project to the community with all the details by next year. At the core of the idea is to build mining farms powerful enough to be not just self-sustainable, but to produce extra energy, which will be then distributed to the power grid.

Simplify your transactions by saving your regular contacts within the ELONSPACE wallet. Before a transaction is complete, you’ll get 10 seconds to double-check and verify your payment”, says a spokesperson for ElonSpace.

The main vision of ElonSpace Foundation is to solve the renewable energy issue by harvesting it from space, by profiting from the exclusive conditions on other planets, compared to earth.The ElonSpace Foundation plans to host annual open-calls where every person, group, NGO or business can work with renewable energy projects that are ground-breaking and in line with the ElonSpace vision. The company will vote on these projects and fund the ones that the committee believes will be most effective.

What are Hydro-Solar Mining Farms?

Hydro-Solar Mining Farms is the first concept to be developed as part of the project that will be presented in detail by next year and discussed with the community. The idea is to build mining farms, powerful enough to be not just self-sustainable but to generate extra energy which will be then distributed to the power grid.

In the next phase, the ElonSpace Foundation will be formed, which will be financed by the income generated from our ecosystem and will be open for public donations.The vision of ElonSpace Foundation is to solve the renewable energy problem by harvesting it from space – by benefiting from the unique conditions on other planets, compared to earth. The space infrastructure is already being built by the public and private sector, and we just need to attach our ideas and share the resources.

The Foundation will host yearly open calls for projects that offer renewable energy solutions and share the same vision with us. These projects will be introduced to our community where our holders will vote and decide which projects to fund. The selected projects will be monitored by the foundation until they’re completed and every phase of the progress will be shared with the community.

“Wear your best space costume, reserve your big seat and stay tuned – the rocket is about to launch! ElonSpace Interplanetary Coin is designed to fly fast, exponentially… forever,” said the spokesperson.

ElonSpace is proud of their great team. Stavros Modestou, the Co-Founder, and the team are some of the most motivated and enthusiastic people. They hope to see the company grow as the years progress on.

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