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CFX Quantum’s Referral Marketing Is Improving The Popularity of Its Efficient Crypto Arbitrage System

London, UK, 31 May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, CFX Quantum was birthed when Marco Mottana, a renowned expert in financial analysis and management, with more than thirty years of experience, decided to partner with like minds to solve the plaguing issues in the financial world, especially in arbitrage trading. The average investor has to surmount great obstacles before they can get involved in financial trading, and when they do, they lose most, if not all of their capital because they do not possess innovative algorithms and technologies that institutional traders possess.

CFX is changing this with partnerships with other innovative ecosystems like Fujitsu. It is incorporating a fast and innovative trading system called ZEROONE, which works with a Digital Annealer. The average investor can easily dip their feet in crypto, Forex, and even bonds trading while earning a maximum return from the lowest possible risk.

The exclusive partnership with Fujitsu Corp and the best university research team in existence has made it possible for CFX Quantum to have access to pre-quantum powered technology. Individual investors enjoy the perks of accessing a battle-tested approach to managing the markets while bearing little or no risks at all.

How Individuals Can Benefit From The Referral Program

CFX is interested in satisfying the interests of individual investors and it does not solely end in the creation of an advanced trading system that puts them on par with institutional investors. It also introduced a referral program that will benefit those that refer others. The incredible functionalities of CFX ecosystem may be enough to attract new users, but CFX team thought it wise to reward those that go out of their way to do that.

Those users that refer others enjoy the perk of using a highly innovative wallet exchange. The crypto wallet is unlike the typical ones that traders come across daily because it allows users to carry out advanced crypto functionality. Investors can easily exchange their crypto for other cryptos, and fiat for cryptos.

In the crypto wallet, traders can purchase the CFXQ tokens that give them access to the ZEROONE feature. ZEROONE is an advanced trading system that offers its users maximum returns with near-zero risks. CFXQ holders can get involved in creating the Sentiment Index, which earns them remuneration and prizes for actively participating.

Who Is Manning The Referral Marketing?

The referral marketing process is organized by ATS Sharing external top management team, which is made up of professionals. At the moment, more than 50,000 people have been onboarded on social media, and the number is increasing daily. CFX Quantum partnered with ATS Sharing to penetrate and garner loyal users in the European market. ATS Sharing is an expert in the field with over twenty years of experience under its belt. It started the onboarding process in Italy and got over 50,000 users within the country. A great offer in the launch is the CFX Neobank that comes bearing a Credit Card.

By collaborating with the likes of ATS Sharing in the referral marketing strategy, CFX can achieve some crucial objectives.

• Maximum market penetration. CFX knows the importance of marketing in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Several innovative blockchain protocols have fallen on the wayside because they ignored the effects that an effective marketing strategy possesses. The partnership with marketing experts will ensure that CFX accesses a large market share. Traders will stay because of the effective trading functionalities that CFX has like ZEROONE. CFX intends to earn the trust of its users and maintain it, which is why it is a customer-centric ecosystem. 

• Referral marketing costs will be based on actual results. One of the main focuses of CFX Quantum is to cut down the cost that individual traders incur when they want to earn maximum returns in the financial market. To buttress how financially sound it is, the ecosystem will use a referral marketing strategy that relies on the concept of Value For Money.

• Maximum possibility of personal follow-up. The referral system will not only attract more users to try out the innovative trading functionalities in the crypto, Forex, and bonds markets on CFX, but it will also achieve more than that. With the referral system, users will benefit from personal follow-up, thereby making sure they derive the maximum utility from being in the ecosystem.

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