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PressReleasr explains how to get a press release on all big media channels in 3 simple steps

Dubai, UAE, 4 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Are you thinking that getting a press release live and seen is harder done than said.. Actually, it is not. PressReleasr offers a new service that includes everything you need from only a request, even the press release idea can be provided by their writers experts in media distribution. After that, 2 days to assure the article is perfect and then is distributed to the big online media channels.

First of all, PressReleasr publish a high quality article written about your brand on our news network of over 250 major news sites that get 140 million monthly visitors. This will greatly increase your search rankings, amplifying your business thanks to their PR distribution service.

How it works is:

  1. PressReleasr compiles the article about your business and what you offer, or you can provide your own article.
  2. PressReleasr publish your article on our large network of news sites including affiliates of NBC, FOX and CBS.
  3. PressReleasr send you a full report with links to everywhere your article was featured, along with an “as featured on” trust badge for your website.

In three simple steps, your website will be published on 250 news sites, with a money back guarantee!

For 99$ only, you get your own Press release distribution service to 250 news sites including TV channel affiliates of NBC, FOX, and CBS except the writing part that is handled directly by the customer. We still offer a guideline that helps to write a proper press release to follow the requirements of the publications. The work is tracked via our online project management tool and is usually delivered within 48 hours after the article has been submitted to us and accepted. To get your press release written by us, you need to only upgrade to the next package for an additional 20$ and you are all settled. If the press release isn’t published for any reason, you get your money back.

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About PressReleasr

PressReleasr is a writing and publishing company that places businesses of any size on more than 250 news sites and TV channel affiliates of NBC, FOX, and CBS to boost their SEO, help with their brand reputation, improve their social proof and increase their sales with a high Return on Investment.. Get to know more on our service with our NBC, FOX and CBS press release distribution video

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Contact Person Name: Edouard Lacassiere
Company: PressReleasr
Email: [email protected]
Address: Dubai Media City
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

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