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Private Sale of SOLANAX Is Live

SAN FRANCISCO, 16 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Companies are always on the lookout for open source liquidity and Defi protocols that offer competitive interest rates. It is an element of their fund strategy for their clients. Solanax aspires to be the most popular open-source liquidity and Defi protocol for fund companies as well as a secure and reliable cross-chain bridge. People are always ecstatic when new projects of this type are released.

Solanax will distribute at least 20 million $SOLD tokens before getting listed on a centralized exchange. The project currently offers crypto enthusiasts and investors a chance to get a hold of their native token through their private sale which ends on the 25th of June. In this sale, Solanax is offering 10 million tokens at $0.1 per token, considering a three-month vesting period, or $0.15 per token without a vesting period. The private sale aims to raise at least $1 million. To be a part of the private sale and to get a hold on the tokens, contact Solanax’s sales team at: [email protected]

When Ethereum gas prices became overwhelming for most investors, SOLANA emerged with one of the fastest blockchain networks to ever grace the world of crypto. Solana may be less known outside the crypto community, but insiders are taking notice of its interesting proof of history (PoH) consensus that is the hallmark of its faster speed of transaction and security. The blockchain network’s PoH is a complete departure from its older counterparts Bitcoin and Ethereum, whose Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS), respectively, are slow, expensive, and not scalable.

SOLANAX, a decentralized exchange built on Solana Blockchain is considered the fastest exchange in the crypto market today. The exchange has taken notice of the potential of Solana in solving the problems of high cost of transactions and slow speed associated with Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain networks.

SOLANAX exchange is bringing a whole new game to the world of crypto exchange as it powers trustless token swaps and trading. More importantly, SOLANAX is reorienting the trading of assets as it has done away with another intermediary, order book, in another strategy to ensure the exchange is completely decentralized and liquid.

There is no doubt the world needs a project like SOLANAX. As cryptocurrency is gaining popularity every day and more people are becoming aware, we expect the existing exchanges, especially those using the older Ethereum and Bitcoin networks to support their transactions, to get overwhelmed in the coming years. Some of the most important features of cryptocurrency are speedy and cheaper transaction cost compared to the traditional fiat currencies. Not achieving these goals means cryptocurrency cannot have any special feature to differentiate it from its fiat counterpart. Additionally, the better scalability of SOLANA is likely to propel SOLANAX to a whole new level, as more people are looking to add cryptocurrency to their investment portfolio, use crypto as part of the mainstream means of payment, or trade them for profit.

And if anyone has any doubts about the long term viability of Solana, one just has to look at the $314 million invested into Solana’s latest funding round, which was led by Andreessen Horowitz, one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent venture-capital firms, and Polychain Capital, a crypto hedge fund that also does VC-style investments. This was the crypto world saying it believes in Solana, giving a well-backed nod to its long-term success and the belief that Solana is widely expected to establish the new crypto standard for DEX platforms.

Add the strong Solana features to the SOLANAX strong extraordinary design features, which include high liquidity, complete decentralization (full users’ control), frictionless yield, light-speed swaps, faster transaction speed & cheaper costs of transactions, the decentralized exchange is highly promising for any serious investor looking to find projects with greater future.

SOLANAX has released a roadmap to enable private investors to get involved at the earliest point possible. The decentralized exchange is hosting a private sale that is set to end on the 25th of June. Users can enquire to participate in the private sale by emailing the team at: [email protected] 

Take advantage of the brief window opportunity and become part of the future decentralized exchange. The project is expected to launch fully in the Q3 of 2021, and joining early may just be the beginning of making it big in private crypto investment.

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