Nevada, 27 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Jaraiyia Morris, popularly known by her stage name, Jaraiyia Alize, hails from the city of Danville in Illinois and is on her path to becoming the next sensation in the industry of music.

Her singing career seems highly promising as people have expressed their fondness for her songs. Jaraiyia began singing at a young age, and it swiftly evolved from a diversion to love. Jaraiyia’s core and serenity of mind were preserved by singing and music throughout her childhood.


Apart from her singing career, Jaraiyia has dipped her toes into the pool of Blockchain by creating her first NFT project, including two tokens; The Pearlz NFT and The Piano Man NFT. This is a tribute to her booming fanbase, which she likes to call ‘Pearlz,’ who have persistently supported and solidified her place in the R&B Genre. The project is now up and running, available at Rarible, and minted by M&G collections.

Jaraiyia Alize’ and her crew created this initiative as a chance for her to engage and interact with her mounting fan following in a technologically advanced manner employing blockchain solutions. The Pearlz NFT auction is just the beginning – she has a lot more in store for her fans as she feels like they are the distinguishing element in her trail of success.

Pearlz NFT and Piano NFT:

She teased her followers on Instagram with a poster for her NFT collection going-live event, which took place on August 17th. Since then, the NFT tokens have been available for purchase, and many of her devotees have bought them to show their support. Coupled with the auction event, she also released her much-awaited single, ‘The Piano Man’ to launch her blockchain venture on a high note.

Discussing the first of the two tokens, has 500,000 copies and costs $1 or 0.00032 ETH; purchasers of this NFT will gain an MP3 Version of The Piano Man, along with its high-resolution video. Additionally, they will also get artwork of her single The Piano Man and a high-resolution NFT.

On the other hand, The Pearlz NFT has only one copy available, and the individual with the highest bid will win the NFT. The bidders and holders have a chance of profiting from the many benefits it offers, including the two roundtrip airline tickets to and from Chicago, a one-night stay in the Waldorf Astoria hotel, and a  5-star hotel dinner (Goosefoot Restaurant.)

Furthermore, the buyer will also get a free cruise party with Wendella tours, Jaraiyia’s original recording viewing, and The Pearlz NFT in high resolution.

The Pearlz NFT auction winner will receive a unique URL containing directions about booking the activities indicated in the paragraph above. We suggest all of you partake in this auction as it is one of a kind. You not only get to be the initial investors in this highly prospective token, but if you are lucky enough and win, you will also get to enjoy the perfect weekend getaway with anyone you want to take along.


The world is slowly transitioning into paper-free finances, and the blockchain industry has seen an immense increase in the percentage of users. Jaraiyia Alize has always been the kind to experiment and someone who indulges in unconventional slants. She has made sure that she stays up to date with the current trends and progresses to be aware and to ensure her fans experience the best developments in the world.

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