Press ReleaseInsanityBets Opens Presale for Innovative CasinoFi and GameFi Project

InsanityBets Opens Presale for Innovative CasinoFi and GameFi Project

The InsanityBets team is happy to announce the opening of its highly anticipated presale. 

Tortola, BVI, 15th March 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, With a native token price of $0.001, the team is aiming for a listing price of $0.018. This translates into an impressive potential gain of 1,700% for early investors. 

The Presale Opportunity of InsanityBets

InsanityBets is a unique project that combines the thrill of CasinoFi with the innovation of GameFi. Its native token, $IBET, has just strategically launched at a low market cap. The team’s idea is to allow investors to get in early and benefit from potential future growth.

But this presale isn’t just about potential profits; it’s about being part of a new project’s idea. Specifically, the team behind InsanityBets is openly aiming to turn the gambling world on its head. InsanityBets offers a groundbreaking concept where owners of derivative tokens become the house. In practical terms, this means that the community will receive 90% of house winnings and 85% of the platform fees.

The Innovative Project Behind InsanityBets

InsanityBets offers an exciting new way to play and invest in the gaming industry. Furthermore, the project’s founders also bring unmatched fairness and transparency through its use of Chainlink VRF for RNG. Thanks to blockchain technology, every roll of the dice, wheelspin, and card drawn is provably fair.

What truly sets InsanityBets apart is its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Here, holding $IBET tokens means having a say in game selection, protocol fees, and strategic decisions. This democratic approach to gaming puts the power back into the hands of players and investors.

About InsanityBets

InsanityBets isn’t just a project; it’s a movement that champions fairness, transparency, and community in Web3. With its DAO structure and innovative tokenomics, it offers an ecosystem where all stakeholders can benefit from its success.

Beyond potential earnings, $IBET holders also receive real yield from transaction fees. This particular feature makes the project an attractive investment opportunity in a $200+ billion industry. This project is built on foundations rooted in sustainability, setting it apart from other presale projects in the sector.

Through the $ILP token, users will receive multiple rewards for participating on the platform. There are already multiple games in development on InsanityBets, and the team will launch them in beta mode for everyone joining the presale.

Anyone wishing to learn more about InsanityBets and the $IBET token can visit the project’s website and join its community.

X (Twitter) | Telegram | Presale link

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