Financial NewsbitHolla’s Two-Pronged Approach Makes Cryptocurrencies More Accessible

bitHolla’s Two-Pronged Approach Makes Cryptocurrencies More Accessible

London, United Kingdom, 19th April 2021, ZEXPRWIREThe time has come to simplify the process of entering the cryptocurrency space as a newcomer. Ongoing developments in this space have given birth to the HollaEx Kit, making it easier for companies and traders to achieve an optimal cryptocurrency experience. 

Transforming The Landscape

The world of cryptocurrency can be daunting to onlookers, as it requires much technical knowledge to make sense of everything. For businesses and companies aiming to venture into the world of Bitcoin and alternative assets, the learning curve is often too steep. One way to solve this issue is through the HollaEx exchange solution. With HollaEx, it is easy and flexible to venture into the crypto world as a provider of exchange, trading, and marketplace services.

Giving everyone the tools to build their cryptocurrency exchange or market platform will bring more competition to existing solutions. Additionally, it will get more people acquainted with Bitcoin and alternative assets, potentially impacting this industry’s mainstream appeal. It is the first product on the market that lets anyone set up such a business conveniently and without worrying about technical expertise. 

To run the HollaEx Kit, users need to stake a specific amount of tokens. If the exchange operator decides to quit the exchange business, they can reclaim the staked tokens with ease. bitHolla aims to make this industry as risk-free and low-cost as possible. 

Peeking Under The HollaEx Hood

As a white-label exchange solution, HollaEx prioritizes the user experience and trading performance aspects. A trading platform needs to be intuitive to use and perform on a 24/7 basis. HollaEx checks these boxes and provides access to popular trading markets involving Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, and Tether’s USDT. Support for other currencies will roll out gradually. 

By supporting multiple currencies, exchange operators can customize their trading platform to their liking. It is a matter of adding currencies, creating a strong brand for the exchange, and opening up shop. All of this is done through a convenient user interface that removes the need for technical expertise altogether. Other market solutions, such as Modulus, make this process too complex and unappealing, whereas HollaEx can cater to everyone’s needs without friction. Through this Kit, it is possible to get an exchange up-and-running with five easy steps.

bitHolla CEO Ali Beikverdi adds:

By using the open-source HollaEx kit to create, we illustrate how anyone can create an exchange with the kit. Just like how WordPress makes websites easy to build, the HollaEx kit allows everyone to create their exchanges, tokens, new markets and bypass expensive crypto fees. With affordability in mind, our solution helps companies avoid up to 95% startup cost while making it easier for project developers to launch initial exchange offerings (IEO) straight to the market, drastically speeding up the process of being listed on crypto ranking sites like Coinmarketcap”.

For up-and-coming exchange operators, the HollaEx white-label provides all of the necessary tools. Users can swap, and exchange supported crypto assets and store them in wallets. That is the functionality every exchange requires to be used right away. Moreover, HollaEx has built-in liquidity at no extra cost, making this offering more appealing than competing solutions. The HollaEx Kit is open-source and free – assuming it is self-hosted – for everyone to use. 

Solutions such as the HollaEx white-label kit can make a significant difference in the way people approach and think about cryptocurrency exchange services. The time when running such a platform seemed like an illustrious dream is over, as anyone can become an integral part of the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem today. 

Closing Thoughts

By offering a new white-label solution for potential exchange operators, there is a solid vision to provide out-of-the-box products. Making this technology open-source adds a degree of transparency that other solutions may not always offer. The HollaEx kit has its own benefits that can make cryptocurrency more appealing to the mainstream.

As cryptocurrencies become more appealing to onlookers, the technical entry barriers need to be lowered somewhat. Whether it is for trading or exchange operator purposes, simplicity, intuitiveness, and peace of mind are all essential factors. White-label solutions and better trading interfaces can play a significant role of importance in this process.

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