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BNB Trading Competition — Struggle for $10 000 in BSW Share!

NY, USA, 19 July 2021, ZEX PR WIRE, It’s time for big victories — $10 000 in BSW are waiting for their mighty winners!

Grand BNB Trading Competition on Biswap has been launched to find the best traders! Arm yourself with potent BNB tokens and conquer the DeFi space!

Total prize pool: $10 000 in BSW

Start: 16.07.2021 (13:00 UTC PM)

End: 23.07.2021 (13:00 UTC PM)

Eligible trading tokens: BNB

Eligibility: users that have had at least one trade with BNB during the competition period.

Active trading pairs: all exchanges (including buys & sells) with BNB token.

If your trade goes through the Route which includes BNB then such a trade will be also added to your Trading Volume of the competition.

BNB Trading Competition already goes on! Join now:

Competition A: $9 000 In BSW — Share Prize Pool For the Highest Trades!

Trade to a maximum and boost your trading volume at lightning-fast on Biswap!

Participants’ ranking place is set by the BNB trading volume (including both sells & buys) gained during BNB Trading Competition on Biswap.

Overall, the most active 500 traders will split $9 000 in BSW.

Trading Ranking List on Biswap includes the first static places and 497 places displayed in the percent correlation.

The reward splits among the 500 winners as follows:

1st place — $1 500 in BSW2nd place — $900 in BSW3rd place — $600 in BSW4–500 places — $6 000 in BSW for all in % correlation

Big wins bring big BSW rewards — take yours in BNB Trading Competition on Biswap!

Competition B: $1 000 in BSW Share — Take Your Lucky Place!

Full speed ahead to land a windfall BSW rewards!

Biswap wants everyone to have a chance to gain BSW. A total of 20 random users will share the additional $1 000 in BSW prize fund for the certain ranks in the winners’ table.

Fight for the rating places below and get an extra $50 in BSW bonus to your BEP-20 wallet!

Places: 3, 43, 63, 83 , 123, 143, 163, 183, 223, 243, 263, 283, 323, 343, 363, 383, 423, 443, 463, 483

You may monitor the sum of your win by checking Competition balance on BNB Competition tab.

Lead your way to the top of the victors’ summit in BNB Trading Competition!

Biswap Twitter Campaign — Tweet for $1000 in BSW Share!

Rush to multiply your BSW in the gainful Twitter Campaign which is held along BNB Trading Competition on Biswap OFFICIAL Twitter!

Become one of 20 random fortunates and split $1 000 in BSW!

Each lucky participant who meets all the conditions below will have a chance to win $50 in BSW to his/her BEP-20 wallet!

Three steps between you and victory:

 LIKE and RETWEET the twitter campaign post
 Follow @Biswap_Dex
 Enter your BEP-20 wallet in comments

Winners of the Twitter Campaign will be announced during 24 hours after the end of BNB Trading Competition.

Challenge luck and let your wallet be topped up!

Terms & Conditions:

-All the rewards will be distributed within one hour and credited to your competition balance after the end of the tournament.

-Trading volume includes both buys and sells with BNB token during the competition.

-A total of $10 000 in BSW is allocated for BNB Trading Competition. This amount will be used for distributing BSW tokens among winners.

-All the rewards will be credited to the winners in BSW tokens at the time of accrual and the current exchange rate.

-The rewards for Competition A will be proportionally split depending on each user’s total trading volume for the following places: 4–500.

For example:

The prize fund for 4–500 places is $6 000 in BSW. A user took 5th place and made $50 000 transactions with BNB token during the competition. It’s 2% of all trading volume from 4–500 places. In this way, the user will get $120 (2% from $6 0000) in BSW.

  • Biswap reserves the right to disqualify trades that display attributes of self-dealing or market manipulation.
  • Biswap reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at its sole discretion.

Join Biswap OFFICIAL networks and stay briefed 24/7:

Telegram Channel:
Telegram Chat

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