Financial NewsMoonConnect – The Most Decentralized Token In the Universe

MoonConnect – The Most Decentralized Token In the Universe

London, United Kingdom, 27 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The long awaited launch of the MoonConnect is finally here. The experienced team of veteran blockchain developers behind it aims to revolutionize the current market by creating the most fair, democratic and decentralized digital currency in the ecosystem. But what is MoonConnect really, and how does it work?

What Is Moonconnect?

MoonConnect ($MCONN) is a social token operating on the Binance Smart Chain network and created with a simple goal of reaching 5 Million holders globally in a short time. But the number of holders is not everything: what’s revolutionary about MoonConnect is the fact that it is designed specifically to become the most decentralized and fairly distributed token on the market.

Unfortunately, centralization of the assets is a major problem troubling most of the projects in the blockchain ecosystem. Many coins and tokens only promise to be decentralized, but the reality is different: the vast majority of funds is being held by a very small number of wallets.

Let’s take Dogecoin and Ethereum for example:

  • The Top 100 Ethereum wallets own 38.4% of the circulating supply.
  • The Top 100 Dogecoin wallets own 66.9% of the circulating supply.

This situation can obviously lead to some serious problems. When only a handful of individuals own the majority of the supply, whales are incentivized to dump their tokens on newcomers and beginners, and price manipulation goes rampant, creating a very unwelcoming and hostile environment.

MoonConnect is here to change it. By designing the currency from scratch with the single purpose of making it as fairly distributed as possible, the MoonConnect team aims to create a next-generation social token powered not by the whims of whales, but by a strong, dedicated and organically growing community of like-minded people.

How Does MoonConnect Work?

The core feature of MoonConnect is the Progressive Distribution Mechanism, designed specifically to guarantee a maximally fair distribution of the circulating supply.

The Progressive Distribution Mechanism will track all recent transactions on the Binance Smart Chain and will randomly select eligible wallets controlled by human users and airdrop them with a specified number of $MCONN tokens. While other projects always reward someone by putting somebody else at a disadvantage, the fully automated process of the Progressive Distribution Mechanism will assure that MoonConnect is distributed as fairly as possible.

Half of the max supply of $MCONN (500 Trillion) will be airdropped to random, eligible wallets through the Progressive Distribution Mechanism. The reflection rewards collected by the distribution wallet will be distributed manually through other types of airdrops, bounties, and reward campaigns, all intended to benefit the MoonConnect community at large.

The final goal of MoonConnect is achieving the status of the most decentralized currency in the world, by making sure that more then 70% of total circulating supply is distributed to at least 5,000,000 wallets. When this goal is achieved, continuous organic growth of Moonconnect will be guaranteed, since no market manipulation by whales will be possible.

$MCONN Token Distribution

MoonConnect‘s max total supply is fixed to 1 Quadrillion tokens. Not a single MCONN token over that limit can ever be created, no matter what happens. Because of that, MoonConnect is a fully deflationary asset, and its value is expected to grow organically as the circulating supply diminishes over time.

 During launch, a Black Hole was created by sending 30% of the total supply to a dead wallet, which will continue expanding due to the token’s reflection mechanism. Because of that, the initial circulating supply started with 700 Trillion tokens and will continuously shrink over time due to the Black Hole’s growing influence, accelerating the rate at which MoonConnect appreciates in value.

 Half of the max supply of $MCONN (50%) will be airdropped to random, eligible wallets through the Progressive Distribution Mechanism. Also, the reflection rewards collected by the distribution wallet will be distributed manually through other types of airdrops, bounties, and reward campaigns, all intended to benefit the MoonConnect community at large.

Join the Most Fair and Decentralized Community Now!

MoonConnect aims to utilize the full potential of blockchain technology to create the most fair and decentralized coin on the market. If you share this vision and want to become a part of one of the most welcoming and rapidly expanding communities on the market, start by visiting the official MoonConnect social media channels!





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