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Pandemics Pollution Ancient Solution 07/27

Miami, Florida, 28th July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Dr. Charles Gerber, leading virologist found the Human coronavirus 229E, was stopped in one hour by micronized zeolite copper. As documented in Food and Environmental Virology, 2014. The federal government science site, has 800 zeolite studies. Zeo heroes bring all cell inner hygiene, to all people as never before. Evidence shows the best zeolite switches on genes that recycle rebel cells to well cells, including cancer. Lifelinkpharmaceutucals and Ruders Boskovic Institute found 74% remissions in a variety of forth stage Cancer patients.

Johns Hopkins, America’s first research University, since 1876, cites 8 billion detrimental effects of ubiquitous environmental toxins, in your air, water, soil, food and cells. See application of Natural Zeolite in the treatment of Covid-19, by 7, international council of Scientific Development Professors.

Dr. Filzova saved millions of Ukrainian lives with zeolite food, during the Chernobyl crisis. Government secrecy hides details. See Nano-sized molecules can dissolve harmful brain blockages and Dr. Tracy Holdford-Effects of Environmental toxins and safe alternative. Europe’s doctors prescribe panacea med zeo tablets for chemo and radiation treatment patients. As America’s Frontline Doctors sue to stop vaccinations, the immunity mineral is already victorious. See the benefits of zeolite and of taking zeolite act on lore

Zeolite’s all cell delivery, has blood-brain barrier entry evidence from Autism recoveries, verified by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. The 1986, Chernobyl reactor meltdown and the radiation devastation of Europe was stopped by 22000 tons of a precise, variety of zeolite, blanketing the reactor and surrounding lands within a twenty-mile radius, and streams with a total of ½ million tons of zeolite powder, immediately saving six million lives in officially designated contamination areas.

Since then, thousands of informed Medical Doctors and veterinarians prescribe micronized zeolite as a core part of all functional medicine protocol. The Bulgarian Government used it in food for people and dairy cows to normalize, Northern Ukraine’s, air, water, soil, plants and the communities. During Chernobyl’s crisis, the German Ministry of Agriculture mandated zeolite bentonite powder be fed to all livestock ,keeping them radiation free. See

A one time intro to micronised and .09 nano-meter sized Zeo particles in a sublingual spray for $5 monthly supply, for up to 15 days for those with email lists of 2,500 is earth’s most promising stimulus check post-pandemics option.

Out of earth’s 5,200 minerals, many made 2 billion years,208 ,%4,are man lab grown zeolite is F.D.A, generally regarded as safe, likely with effectiveness not found in nature or any lab, after 50 years of self funded R & D. and a 5 Phd status by the patent holder; Electron microscope estimated surface area of all micron and nano size zeo particle surface area ,in one advanced TRS bottle ,with .O7 nanometer particle size, is 4.8 million square feet of bio active surface area. See Nano-sized molecules can dissolve harmful brain blockages. This zeolite enters all cells through aquaporin through water channels in each cell. Math PhD, Phil Watson,30 years in infra red 14-40 microns may amplify Zeo immunity.

Synthetic Zeolite stores thermal energy indefinitely, 4 times more than water. Argonne Labs says the most versatile mineral has 1 million major uses. Zeolite storage has no energy loss. EPA reports 4 billion pounds of potentially dangerous materials were released in air and water, nationwide in 2017 alone. Yet the solution can happen in each human cell; innately designed to be well, despite our viral immersion in industrial oversight. The use of the intelligence of natural may offset the mistakes of billions of the unaware.

The 1986, Juan Valdez, 22 million gallon oil spill was enroute to total zeolite remediation until conventional science intervened. Professor Rudolph Taschner, University of Brescia, Italy found 1 gram of micronized zeolite has 4000 square meters of amplified electronegative charge to remove any detriment from any cell.


The toxic pandemics compound usage, perhaps the key factor in infectious, non infectious pandemics can’t be avoided as untested compounds rise virally in all countries. Before they are ever banned ,they may now be safely bound and escorted from every cell, exiting the body. The zeolite Tesla has 37 year R & D in 50 says 14-40 mesh powder improves soil and crops and sell tons of zeolite to, is a Zeo multi use leader.

Zeolite absorbs and releases 60% of its weight in water U.Hawassa, Ethiopia, plans climate, soil normalization and food independence, with $30 a ton zeolite dust from local quarries. Goodness can be airdropped on all soils and absorbed by all cells in 1-9 years in all nations. The zeo world front-line doctor prescription is the Godspeed unheard of immunity, with no downside.


Peter Leggo, Earth Sciences, U.k, grows plants twice as big with zeolite and fly ash, a toxic byproduct of global coal fired power plants. Zeolite is a reset for human cells, soils, medicinal food, and normal climate. Stanford researchers say overlooked zeolite octagon molecules are a carbon dioxide stop sign, that could make billions scrubbing the world’s smokestacks. U.Stockholm uses nano zeolite foam for industrial scale Carbon Capture and Storage. Alexander the great’s troops used zeolite clay for infection and improved digestion, in both world wars soldiers used.

Michigan university’s PhD. Jerome Nriagu says Flint, Michigan is making the same mistake, as the Ancient Romans whose water had 100 times the amount of lead than spring water. Lead lowers I.Q. , problem-solving and impulse control, and is a major factor in autism.

Mercury makes lead 14 times more toxic. U.S., leading airborne lead source is ore -metals processing and transportation fuel.2/3 of America’s airborne mercury is from coal fired power stations. See Mercury, lead, arsenic are found in the earth: yet they’re deadly. The 1981, 3 mile reactor; irradiated water was returned to near pristine conditions with zeolite adepts.

American licensed health professionals plan New American community immunity with best zeolite. Proper Zeolite is the only known substance that will immunize all people and the planet, averting earth’s 6th extinction, if a tipping point of right zeolite users awaken by 2022.

Zeolite can obsolete, illegal sports enhancement substances when its track record for natural enhancement is widely known. European sports physiologists found zeomed reduced lactate up to 26% and consequently recovery time and significantly better endurance. U.Berlin uses zeolite to make bio-fuel economically.

Learn more on 7/27, 9pm Est, and on 08/05 8pm zoom. Text only five lines on your interest to 936-718-2747. A 30 drops daily formula for 50 or more members of any North American community in exchange for a brief, private, online survey to document how the unique immunity longevity goals of any community may be complimented.

Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, built harbour, dams, bridges and castles of zeolite, existing today. Adult Zeo immunity strength builders may need 8 glasses of non tap water daily. Till all cells both, get what’s needed and quickly remove what’s; all pandemics are possible.

This document’s source and all parties mentioned are not liable for inaccuracies. Content is for information only, not a substitute for licensed health advisors; not FDA evaluated or to treat, cure, prevent any human condition.

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