Financial NewsScore Points on this Bull Run With Tetris Doge

Score Points on this Bull Run With Tetris Doge

Cape Coral, Florida, 7 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The bull run has been stampeding its way onto the Binance Smart Chain and Gamefi projects have been taking the lead with incredible market capitalization. With that in mind, a Tetris champion, who happens to be a Doge superfan, has undoubtedly assured that the entire cryptocurrency community benefits from this recent gaming bombilation. Thus, the reason why Tetris Doge was foaled to function as a gaming ecosystem and ultimately serve as an innocuous way for investors on the Binance Smart Chain to earn astronomical profits. TetrisDoge (TDG) as a result can be defined as a community-driven GameFi platform that will in time harvest the best of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) while maintaining a visual modality for affirmative change on the BSC platform. 

Tetris Doge is built on the Binance Smart Chain, intended to provide consumers and institutions with the maximum value. The Binance Smart Chain has solved the infrastructure challenge with regard to their product and is the optimal use case for the platform’s technology.

In 1984 Russian software engineer Alexey Pajitnov was testing a new data processor called Electronika 60 Computer. When performing binary tests, Mr. Pajitnov quickly realized writing just a few lines of codes meanspirited supernatural in the form of a simple game. As a result, Tetris was born. Built on the unsophisticated conception yet requiring intelligence and skill, Tetris quickly established itself on the scene as one of the great early video games. It has sold over 300 million copies –with 200 million paid mobile game downloads – making it one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time. 

Tetris is rooted within the fashionable acculturation and its popularity extends beyond the orbit of video games. For example, the Imagery from the game has influenced architecture, music, and culture all over the world. Not to mention, the game has also been the dependent of assorted investigating studies that have examined its abstractive complexity and have shown its effect on the human brain which leads to a thicker cortex and increases brain efficiency, also known today as the “Tetris effect.”

Tetris Doge was built on the foundational love of both Tetris and the Doge meme, combining two powerhouse endeavors into one. A survey was recently carried out that displays that 70% of Doge investors are gamers, and 50% of those actually hold a gaming-related project on the blockchain. With cryptocurrency only representing 5% of the overall gaming industry, the Gamefi projects have an open-ocean strategy and limitless opportunities for growth and development.

Tetris Doge has a roadmap that is assembled for prosperity and growth within the industry. With an already working Tetris game model that is currently operative on their website, this dev team is looking to expand to several various hyper-casual games for their ecosystem in the near future. In addition, the Tetris Doge team will be looking to implement the most intriguing metaverse and NFT gaming initiatives once their ecosystem is shaped into reality. The team has plans to adapt an NFT marketplace that integrates within the gameplay, creating a utility while holding these assets. By early next year, or the 4th quarter of this year, a gaming API download will be available on the Apple and Google Play Store for Tetris Doge users. Partnerships with other gaming companies on Binance Smart Chain are also a sizeable component of their forthcoming organizational plans. As we all know, the Play to Earn Games on the BlockChain is being looked into earnestly pursuing the prosperity of Axie infinity. 

Tetris Doge is a simple game that can be played now – – the top 3 players each day are rewarded. The winners get 0.10 BNB for first place, 0.07 BNB for second place and third place 0.05 BNB daily. It doesn’t settle by just rewarding the gamers, for the token holders they receive daily 3 hour reflections in Dogecoin tokens. The tokeonomics provide 4% rewards in the form of Doge, 3% to marketing, and 3% liquidity – with an overall sales tax of only 10%.  

What the Tetris Doge community needs to know is that the Development Team is in the works of bringing an impressive partnership deal just to make sure the marketing of Tetris Doge is paramount. 

Crypto Kid Finance is one of the most trusted marketing companies in the Crypto space and an agreement deal has been made with Tetris Doge for nonstop marketing and outreach for international exposure! Crypto Kid Finance has gone a step further to the planning of the integration of Tetris Doge into the Ronin Gamez ecosystem for a widegaming audience – a deal that could be announced in the coming months! The dev team for Ronin Gamez has been linked to Call of Duty 5, NBA 2K games and Magic the Gathering.

How to purchase Tetris Doge

Go to 

Make sure you already have BNB ready for swap then use the below contract address 


Then set your slippage to 12% for buys and sells  

All other information can be seen on their website:

Media Contact:

Dave Ruiz

[email protected]

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