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Minority-owned Vodka Brand Opens The Oregon Market By Putting The Planet First

  • Vanport 1948 Vodka completed the purchase of 300,000 pounds of carbon offsets in project from Oregon to Guatemala, making its first move in the Oregon market, one that favors the planet. 

Portland, Oregon, 21 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, “Business is not perfect, but if you plan to profit from an area, you should plan to give back to the area in terms of the environment. The team of minorities at Vanport 1948 has started their brand by doing more and saying less, and that is all that can be asked of us — to try each day to do more for the planet,” says CEO of Fuego Fino, Jessica Contreras, who is the developer of the Vanport 1948 wine and spirits house, along with retired NFL athletes James Allen and Carlos Emmons. 


Vanport 1948 purchased 300,000 lbs of carbon offsets in two environmental projects. 

The first was Watering the West, whose goals are to protect roughly half a million acres of the most biologically diverse regions in the Pacific Northwest which protect the California Watershed. It’s listed program benefits include reduced forest fragmentation, contributing to improved water quality for both the Klamath and Sacramento watershed basins; longer harvesting cycles (extending the rotation age and time), resulting in decreased human disturbances from logging activities; protecting the watershed results which protects salmon and steelhead stocks; and increasing the average age of trees across the project area, which improves air quality since a larger tree canopy removes pollutants. Due to the rigidity of the applied methodology, the carbon stocks must be maintained at the same level for another 100 years. Project activities also include planting other native species to increase growth and restore biodiversity. 

The second project in which Vanport 1948 purchased offsets was Where Trees Save the Seas, based in Guatemala. This project protects the trees that preserve the coastal ecosystem. The listed benefits include creating a market for agroforestry products that provide alternative income sources for 199 local producers on 1,000 HA; providing training for 716 men and women entrepreneurs in crops, handicrafts, and ecotourism services; guiding 245 small farmers to access government forest incentive payments for protecting and conserving 3,000 hectares of community forest; the creation of seven new businesses; and the positive impact on the lives of women with education, job training opportunities, and healthcare services (with a focus on reproductive health).


Fuego Fino, Inc. is a planet-friendly wine and spirits company that focuses on developing the next high-growth product sector. They boost their revenue potential by curtailing waste and retaining the majority of their supply and distribution networks. For more information, please visit their website. 

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